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We're Sam and Lois, and we love food. Seriously, we love food so much that we decided to open our own cafe just so we could share it with you all! We also love smiling and believe a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand. 

Sam is a musician, film maker and juice guru. He serenades us all day while producing the most nutritious and delicious juice Essex has to offer. He'll probably chat to you about guitars, an amazing new book he's read on surfing, how much he loves the cinema or share his favourite recipes that we whip up at home with you. He is quite literally the kindest and most heart warming man on the planet, so come on down and grab a hug from him! 

Lois is an artist, maker and self-growth enthusiast. She's always reading or listening to podcasts and will probably share some new info she's gained that day with you. She makes organic jewellery and t-shirts which you can find on our sister site Lone Wolves Creative, loves vegetable juice more than the average person, is always drawing in her spare time and thinks the best thing about having a shop is that we are 100% dog friendly! (Please note that she also loves hugs, so give her one too!) 


Lone Wolves Organics started with Lone Wolves Vintage in 2013, where Lois would buy and sell vintage clothes. This transformed into Lone Wolves Creative in 2015, a home for all of our creative pursuits.

As we changed our diets and lifestyles in 2015 a new appreciation for the amazing plants that mother nature gives us was born. We began experimenting with recipes and what you see in the shop is experience taught. We are passionate about health and good food, that just happens to be plant-based too. Lone Wolves Organics was created in 2017 for everyone. 

We are proud to offer a 100% vegan menu. Sharing health as wealth is what lights us up, and we love inviting you all in to our cosy nook of the world for a unique experience. 

Grab a seat on our communal table and let's all be friends. 

Sam and Lois x